Nursery and Primary School

It is new!  And exciting. We plan take off in September 2018. With state of the art facilities, our nursery and primary school will cater in the finest tradition of excellence Global International College is known for  the younger ones- Ages 0 to 11.

The curriculum is a blend of Early Years Foundation Stage   from the United Kingdom and the best of the Nigerian curriculum. Most importantly, children will blossom in under a safe and caring environment, ready to achieve at their potential, physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. We recognize the uniqueness of every child having special abilities and talents and learning style. We also believe that children learn in different ways, and  our responsibility towards the  precious children who come under our care and guidance  is to nurture and bring out their best.

 In the early years from ages 0-5, we have a strong focus on developing key literacy and numeracy skills and general artistic skills. We have built a robust extra -curricular activities to enhance their general knowledge and make learning fun. In our primary section Year 1- 6 , we prepare the pupils for life under a very caring and inspiring environment. We know the world is changing very fast and we need to prepare them to take their place.