Global International Schools, founded by Mrs. Abolaji Osime, was first established in 1999, as a small independent caring sixth form college in Ikoyi, Lagos; the commercial capital of Nigeria.

By 2005, the college had built a strong reputation providing courses for Degree Foundation, A’ Level, IGCSE and for placing students in universities in United Kingdom, Europe and the USA. It had, as well, expanded to having another campus in Abuja, the federal capital.

In 2010, it started another unique foundation programme, the Canadian International Foundation Year, the 1st in Nigeria, offering a route to students who wish to study in Canadian universities.

Building on its tremendous success with its sixth form, Global has started its lower and upper secondary school, the Global International Secondary School, which was established to provide high quality education for 11 – 16 year olds in the finest tradition of G.I.C.

Global International Secondary School is an independent, co-educational institution with day and boarding facilities. It offers qualitative education and aims to develop to the fullest the potential of each student by promoting their moral, spiritual, academic, physical, emotional and social development.