A-level One/Two Years

You can start LEVELS 1YEAR INTENSIVE Courses twice a year, September and January and anytime online


A-Levels offer an enriched and focused mental challenge for anyone who studies them, allowing studious minds to flourish in the world of education. Students studying A-Levels study fewer subjects but in a much greater depth enabling them to grasp the deepest roots of any given subject.

A-Levels are designed in such a way that students have a wide variety of subjects to choose from and the students can pick any combination of these subjects.

A-Levels usually span the course of two years but with our one-year intensive course, students will be able to finish their studies in just one academic year.

Our team will make certain that time spent reviewing and answering past exam papers will be a vital focus of the curriculum. In conjunction to this, regular homework will be set, timed exam tests will be conducted, and teacher-students communication will be readily available.


Because we offer in-school classes and also an online Sixth Form College without walls, it means that students can learn wherever there is an internet connection.

Our lessons are recorded, and this is a great resource for revision, project work and preparation for lessons and exams.

it also means that if you still need some clarification on some areas, you can simply go back through the old lessons to deepen your understanding and refresh your memory.


We want to give our students the best chance to succeed in their AS and A-Levels so, at various points of the year, we hold intensive revision weekends in various subjects.

Our team will be able to:

  • Identify any gaps within your knowledge
  • Build your ability in each subject
  • Manipulate your understanding on hard topics
  • Help improve your memory recall and storage
  • Build upon your strengths in exam conditions
  • Make certain that you are able to comprehend the exam scheme


Students use our qualifications to gain places at leading universities worldwide including the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia,  the Netherlands, and  Germany.
Our dedicated team of University admissions advisors will help you to apply for university places, including obtaining references and submit a strong UCAS application. We hold workshops on weekends to help with University applications 

Available Subjects

English Literature

Applied ICT








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