• Integrity
  • Focus
  • Service
  • Initiative
  • Honouring God

Motto – Developing transformational leaders


Aims of the School

Our aim is to enable our students develop their full potential—moral, academic, spiritual, social and emotional—and to contribute meaningfully to local and global issues. We expect students to study to acquire good habits and develop useful skills that will help them in life.

We set high standards of personal presentation and behaviour and expect students to demonstrate consideration for the needs of others within the school, in the local community and far beyond.

We are a school with a Christian ethos. However, students and staff of all faith backgrounds are welcome.

In particular, we aim:

  • To provide a safe, secure, and healthy environment for student and staff;
  • To develop lively and enquiring minds in students thus helping them to recognize education as an enjoyable, worthwhile and lifelong activity;
  • To provide a high standard of education through good teaching and support that allow all students achieve the best they are capable of achieving;
  • To offer spiritual and moral guidance to our students through religious education, personal, social and health education, through wholesome assemblies, fellowship and weekend worship, through the support of the staff;
  • To ensure the students develop tolerance, trust, understanding and respect for others of different ages, backgrounds and ethnic groups;
  • To emphasize the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ through undergirding all we do with Christ-like behavior and faith;
  • To celebrate every student as wonderful and unique; we endeavour to enable each child reach their potential, whatever their ability or specific needs might be, by providing equal opportunities for all within our school;
  • To encourage high aspirations and self-worth by motivating, nurturing and valuing every individual, striving to prepare them for life’s opportunities and challenges.