Boarding Life

Boarders at Global International College make up about one third of our community. They come from Lagos and outside Lagos.

Global International College values the dignity of each individual and promotes the development of character and learning through a commitment to high standards within a caring community. We recognise that all pupils have different talents and strive to ensure that every pupil has an equal opportunity to find and develop the strengths they possess. We believe that the development of character, creativity, intellect and spirituality are the primary aims of education.

We work together to create a happy and caring school community which is engaged in our local community and the wider world.

We pursue high standards in every area of school life. The boarding ethos is at the heart of all practice and relationships within the boarding houses as we strive to provide the very best for the young people within our care.

Daily Life

Each boarding house is run by house parents who lead a team of dedicated staff to care for the pupils in their charge. The staff are supportive and understanding, providing ongoing guidance throughout the students’ time at the school and ensuring that new boarders soon settle in with the existing pupils.

From Monday to Friday the boarding day starts at 6.00am when students prepare for the day ahead and go for breakfast in the school’s cafeteria. From there they go to their classroom to drop their belongings and to join with the day pupils. This is followed by assembly and lessons from 8.40am to 4.30pm. After school, there is a variety of after-school clubs, activities and training sessions available, followed by the evening meal in the dining room. The evening is devoted to supervised prep where students can do their homework and read. Finally, at 10pm, the students are required to return to their rooms and observe lights out.