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You see the news every morning and hear about all the recent burglaries and crime going on. It makes you quite worried. What can you do about it? Why not take advantage of high security door locks. Here at Affordable Lock & Security Solutions, our team is dedicated to making sure you and your family are protected with security lock systems.

It Is Time To Take Control

High-security locks are patented keyways. They are issued to a specific locksmith or security copies. That is, only the company that provided you the keys can make copies of them because no one else in the region has access to the same key blank. High-security keys are the best way to establish key control.

High-security keyways are patent protected. This means that there is only one manufacturer that can make the key. The manufacturer then issues the specific key to a security or locksmith company. When keys are not patent-protected, any company can manufacture the key, any company can buy it, and any company will copy it.

High-security locks are made of the strongest material. Locks are heavier, screws are thicker, and they often contain other anti-theft measures. They also bump proof locks. That is, there exists no key that can be used to bump the lock. When you give keys to an employee, tenants, or homeowners in an HOA, copy protection is a very real concern. In all of these situations, you don’t want keys made without your knowledge. There are two primary methods to prevent key copies from being made without your knowledge: stamping keys as “DND” (Do-Not-Duplicate) and using restricted keyways.

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If you’re not sure when your locks were last upgraded, it’s been too long. From securing your front door to making sure your storage shed can withstand a would-be burglar, locks can protect you in a lot of ways. You should replace your locks every few years, as well as each time you move or lose track of who has spare keys to your home.

The right lock for the job will depend on factors like the type of door and how tech-savvy you want your security to be. Affordable Lock & Security Solutions is here to help you find the right lock for your needs – we even have locks for bikes and wine bottles. Many of our models can be easily installed without the help of a locksmith.

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Get your high security door locks today! Located in the heart of Tampa, the experts at Affordable Lock & Security Solutions are here to make sure that you have the perfect key replacement. If you are interested in learning more about security lock systems, call today or check out our website. We provide services to provide total security for every facet of life for residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Tampa, Ocala, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Brandon, St. Petersburg, Clermont, The Villages, and surrounding areas. Whether you need service for your home or business, we offer full-service residential locksmith, commercial locksmith, and industrial security services to keep your home or business completely secure.

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